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Become a Scout today

Earn €100 for every new addition to our expanding Nordic network of places to camp.

How does Acamp's Scout program really work?

Easy. Just register in our Scout Portal and we will get back to you. Once you've been approved we will help you with guidelines, tips and tricks that we think will come handy out there. You will be rewarded for each and every new Host that decides to sign up, we will expand the Acamp network and together we'll help support local economies.

So what's in it for you?

It doesn't really matter if you are a seasoned vagabond or a inexperienced enthusiast - we believe that you found us for the same reason: your love to explore and find new places to camp. Join our Scout program today and make good use of that curiousity and your love for being out on the road. When you find a place that would be perfect for our growing network of places to camp you will earn extra money by helping them to get listed on Acamp.

What we are looking for

We prefer local over global. We have a special love for small farm stays, food artisans, nature camps and welcoming Hosts. Whether they are seasoned Hosts with many years in the game or its their first time hosting - if they've got the right spirit, it will be a perfect match for us. We are already looking forward to meet them!

Become a Scout for Acamp and earn extra money on the road!

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